So what’s it all about?

There’s no minimum age requirement but you must:

  • Pass a drug test
  • Have a full or restricted driver’s licence by the time you get on the job
  • Have the right attitude


  • 1. Apply through this website
  • 2. Have a phone discussion about if it’s for you
  • 3. Have an interview
  • 4. Pass the drug test

If that’s all sweet, you’re in!

Get Training

  • 5. Get placed on one of four great training programmes
  •   (More about courses next page)
  • 6. Finish the first part of your training in 6 – 10 weeks.
  •   (Plus get credits towards your qualification)

With work ready training under your belt you’re ready to hit the job!

Get Working

  • 7. Get matched with a Christchurch employer
  • 8. Work and earn
  • 9. Get further training plus credits on-the-job
  • 10. Graduate with a national qualification

As well as a job you’ve gained a qualification. We will follow you through the whole way. We want you to succeed. You’re now set up for a great career.

Sound awesome? Now learn about the training aspect.